Tips for Storing Coffee

  • Don't buy in bulk: One of the first recommendations on storing coffee is to only buy what you can consume in a couple of weeks. Instead of stocking up for months, we suggest ordering fresh roasted coffee no less than every two to four weeks. Also, starting with fresh roasted coffee will help maintain peak flavors. Most coffees sold in grocery stores are sititng in warehouses and storage rooms for weeks or months before hitting the shelves, so you've already lost out on the best that the coffee can be. 
  • Moisture is the enemy: It's important to keep moisture out of your coffee to prevent staleness or even mold from developing. You may think by putting your coffee in the fridge you are prolonging the shelf life, but actually you're introducting moisture into the coffee and could be adding in those unpleasant fridge smells and flavors (think onion coffee). You want to ensure that your coffee is kept in an airtight sealed container. All our bags come with a zip seal to help you keep this precious resource as protected as possible. After using, gently press down on the bag to expel some air and seal again until next use. Can you freeze your coffee? There is alot of controversy on this one! While we suggest ordering fresh roasted coffee frequently, sometimes it may be hard to finish a bag for those occasional coffee drinkers or you may be traveling and want to retain the coffee for when you return. You can freeze coffee and it is a preferred method over refrigerated coffee. Just make sure that you have the coffee in an airtight seal and that you don't use it if ice crystals form on the beans or grounds.
  • Darkness is your friend: Don't worry, I'm talking about actual darkness, as in the absence of light that comes from the sun or brightly lit rooms, not the metaphysical representation of darkness. You should keep your coffee stored away from light and heat to ensure freshness is preserved.

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